Monthly or Quartly Dividend Stocks?

So I need help from my community. Help me decide either to invest more heavily into monthly or quartly dividend paying stocks.

My main focus has typically been in monthly paying dividend stocks. As of recent, I have been doing a lot more research into quartly stocks. Here are a few of my take aways:

  • Quartly stocks seem to be more reliable
  • You can stagger them so you can get paid every month
  • Typically lower dividend yields than monthly paying dividends

I have a hard time deciding either to stick with my gut about “high risk, high reward” and continue investing heavily into monthly dividend stocks, or to take some pre-caution and start investing more into quartly dividend stocks.

If you have your opinion about this, leave a comment below and an example or two about your opinion.

This blog is going to be meant for a community to gather and discuss about dividends and their findings about certain companies within this domain. So by commenting, you will be helping not only me, but the community.

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