Best Monthly Dividend Stocks April 2019

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Aren’t we all ready to quit our 9-5 job and live off our investments? Today, I’m going to be sharing with you 3 of my favorite monthly dividend stocks in my portfolio.

All share prices are current as of April 1st, 2019. (Below are screenshots of the monthly payouts):

  1. AGNC Investment Corp. (AGNC) – Currently AGNC is trading at $18.10 per share. AGNC gives a $0.18 dividend per month to it’s shareholders. AGNC is my favorite monthly dividend due to the fact they have a low share price and a high dividend payout. This would have investors thinking twice about this stock but in my opinion, AGNC is a great investment if you are wanting to live passively off monthly dividend stocks. Since the later parts of 2017, AGNC has been paying out $0.18 consistently. Dream about for a second: if you invest just $10,000 into AGNC, your $10,000 investment with get you a passive monthly income of $99.44 ($10,000/$18.1(share price) = 552.49 shares of AGNC which equals out to basically $100 a month). To me, that’s an attractive monthly dividend stock.
  2. WhiteStone REIT (WSR) – Currently WSR is trading at $12.08 per share with a monthly dividend payout of $0.095 per share owned. I just recently came across WSR while doing research over monthly dividend stocks and I was shocking with this stock. I have always been interested/invested in REITs like Realty Income Corp. (O) because real estate is something I’ve been invested in for a while so investing in REITs is somewhat given. Back to WSR, WSR has been consistent with their dividends for as long as the NASDAQ dividend payout will allow me to go back, which is since August of 2013. That’s almost 6 years of consistent monthly dividends paid out without any decrease in the dividend. For me, that makes this REIT an attractive investment due to the consistency of this company.
  3. Horizon Technology Finance Corp. (HRZN) – Currently HRZN is trading at $11.9 per share, and it’s monthly dividend payout is $0.1 per share. For the past 2 years, HRZN has made their dividend payouts very consistent opposed to their inconsistency in the years prior. Since being invested with this technology company, I have been nothing but impressed. Of course, inconsistency a thing to consider when you are investing in a monthly dividend but if a company has been consistent for at least two years, I will give them a shot. So far, I have been pleased with the result I have been given.
AGNC Dividend Payout
WSR Dividend Payout
HRZN Dividend Payout

Something to remember when you are starting as a dividend investor. Do NOT get emotionally attached to your investments. Stock prices will go up and down a lot. You have to remember that you aren’t investing in dividend stocks for their capital gains (selling a stock for a higher price than what you bought it at). We are buying certain stock(s) to reap the rewards passively through dividends.

Monthly or Quartly Dividend Stocks?

So I need help from my community. Help me decide either to invest more heavily into monthly or quartly dividend paying stocks.

My main focus has typically been in monthly paying dividend stocks. As of recent, I have been doing a lot more research into quartly stocks. Here are a few of my take aways:

  • Quartly stocks seem to be more reliable
  • You can stagger them so you can get paid every month
  • Typically lower dividend yields than monthly paying dividends

I have a hard time deciding either to stick with my gut about “high risk, high reward” and continue investing heavily into monthly dividend stocks, or to take some pre-caution and start investing more into quartly dividend stocks.

If you have your opinion about this, leave a comment below and an example or two about your opinion.

This blog is going to be meant for a community to gather and discuss about dividends and their findings about certain companies within this domain. So by commenting, you will be helping not only me, but the community.